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Domestic Violence Lawyer in New Hampshire

If you are involved in a domestic violence case, you need an experienced and compassionate legal advocate in your corner to protect your rights and guide you through the process. Defense Attorney Robert Bartis is the right choice for those who need guidance, advice, and skilled representation during what may be an extremely difficult time for their entire family.


The consequences of a domestic violence charge can impact people’s lives in every way. There may be a restraining order handed down, which means the alleged abuser must leave a shared home. Other consequences of a restraining order include making the alleged abuser stay away from the abused individual, including his or her place of work or school. A domestic violence charge can, if married lead to divorce, affect child custody and other legal matters. A domestic violence charge can lead to repercussions at work. It can even lead to someone losing a job or not being able to advance in his or her field. The impact on someone’s reputation can be immeasurable.

Resources: Domestic Violence Statistics

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Because of what all is at stake and the emotions that can be tied to any domestic violence situation, it is vital that you have a clear-headed and dedicated legal professional help handle the situation and explain the facts. Attorney Robert Bartis will listen to your side and give your case the compassion and understanding it deserves. He will listen to all of the facts and evidence in the case and help you get the best possible resolution. Domestic violence cases are complex and a fresh perspective can help sort out those complexities. The repercussions can be very serious legally and personally. If you are involved in a domestic violence case in any way, it is imperative that you secure a legal advocate who will protect your rights and help sort out the details of your unique situation. Attorney Robert Bartis is your source for sound legal advice, guidance and support during a difficult time.  

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