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Divorce FAQs - Divorce Laws – New Hampshire

A divorce may be the most tumultuous and emotional time in someone’s life. Even under the best of circumstances, there are still many decisions to make. Divorce affects virtually every aspect of both party’s lives. Whenever you are faced with divorce, having a compassionate and understanding attorney skilled in all areas of family law is an absolute must. Attorney Robert Bartis is the experienced and knowledgeable New Hampshire divorce attorney who will fight to get you the best possible resolution and protect your rights. His compassion for your situation and an unwavering dedication to ensuring fairness and justice is makes Robert Bartis the greatest asset you can have during a divorce.

How Long Does Divorce Take in New Hampshire?

The time it may take for a divorce to be finalized in New Hampshire can vary depending on the people and circumstances involved. If the marriage was short with very few assets and the couple both wants to divorce quickly, it may only take 2 to 4 months. If the marriage was longer and there are disputes, and many high valued assets, it may take longer. When there are children involved, a divorce can take up to one year. The timeline of a divorce can be extended even more if there are contentious points to be worked out, such as a dispute over alimony or property division. It may take longer if one party is contesting the divorce. The individual issues pertaining to children and custody can have a major impact on how long the divorce process lasts in New Hampshire.

How Are Decisions Made During a Divorce?

A huge part of the divorce process entails making a large number of decisions. There are informal decisions where the couple simply both agrees to certain stipulations or aspects of property division. Mediation may be used to help navigate the process also, as can collaborative meetings between both parties and their legal representatives. Negotiations can also be held between both parties to discuss details that need to be worked out. For all decisions that can’t be reached through these cooperative means, the court will make a final determination.

Why Hire a Lawyer if We Both Agree on Most Issues?

Even under the best of circumstances, a divorce can involve disagreements about money, property division, assets, or child custody issues. Because there is no way of predicting how a divorce will actually proceed, having a skilled negotiator on your side and looking out for your best interest is imperative. The process can be complex and the sheer amount of paperwork and decisions can be overwhelming and confusing.

You must have a clear-headed, experienced, and aggressive advocate who can keep your rights and your needs front and center. Far too many people let the emotions of the situation overrule or cloud what is best for them. With attorney Robert Bartis as your divorce attorney, you can rest assured that your interests, rights, assets, finances and future are being protected and fought for by a skilled legal advocate. Robert Bartis will give your divorce case the personal attention it needs and deserves so you get a timely and fair resolution.

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