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ALS Hearing Laws New Hampshire

If you have been arrested for any number of motor vehicle offenses in NH and losing your license is part of the penalty, you have the right to ask for an ALS hearing. This request must be made within 30 days of receiving notification of a license suspension or revocation. Some New Hampshire residents wrongfully assume they don’t need professional legal representation because it is just a hearing. However, legal representation is strongly advised. Having the experience and expertise of attorney Robert Bartis in your corner can mean the difference between keeping your license and losing your right to drive in New Hampshire.

What is the Hearing Like?

An ALS hearing is a lot like a trial. There can be witness testimony and testimony from the arresting officer in the case. All witnesses are under oath, just as in a trial. There is no jury and there are slightly different rules of evidence. It is considered a civil proceeding and a hearing examiner oversees the process. You can choose whether or not to summon the arresting officer to the hearing. If that officer fails to show up at your administrative license hearing, the motion to suspend or revoke your license may be dismissed.

Resources: ALS FAQ’s

It is vital that you secure legal counsel as soon as your driver’s license is at stake. Having attorney Robert Bartis handle the filing of a request for an ALS hearing and standing by your side during the process will show the hearing examiner that you know your rights and are fully prepared for fight for those rights. Robert Bartis can guide you through the process so there are no surprises and make sure you get the best possible outcome for your New Hampshire administrative license hearing.

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